The help of petrochemical companies to flood victims

According to the Public Relations of Pasargad Company, at a meeting of the Public Relations Committee of the Petrochemical Companies of Pars region, which was held on April 13th, the heads of public relations of the companies determined the mechanism of assistance to the flood-hit areas, and it was decided on this basis in accordance with the agreement of the strategic council of the directors of the companies Pars Petrochemicals, a general budget to help the flood people in the provinces of Lorestan and Khuzestan, and, in coordination with the authorities of each province and the organization of the Crescent, a basket of items to be supplied and sent to these regions in the form of two caravans.

Dr. Ebrahim Yaseri, during the congratulations of the Shaqaniyah judiciary, praised the efforts of all employees in the past year, which made positive changes, expressing hope that by presenting the views and expressing the company's strategy this year, he expressed hope that With a lot of staffing efforts in line with the goals of the company, we will have a good year ahead.

According to the Public Relations of Pasargad Company, the dispatching team of Pars petrochemical companies after the relief to the village of Hariyah, went to the villagers to continue to help the people of the flood. Immersion of residential houses, house washing, equipment transfer and donation of children to children, including help from jihadists in the village of Safak.
The jihadists of the petrochemical industry were present at the site, knowing the breakdown of the harbor of the village of Hariyah, and, along with other jihadi expeditioners from different parts of the country, were restored to the flood.
The expedition medical staff continued to treat patients with their services, attending Mansouria Village.